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$12 - $15

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428 S. Hewitt St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
Whether it’s due to the Rocky Mountain air or the recent explosion in legal greenery, the last few years have seen the Denver music scene contribute a wave of newer bands offering twisted takes on tried-and-true heavy metal genres. Spectral Voice share members with fellow Denver death-metal standouts Blood Incantation. While the latter act dazzle with technicality, Spectral Voice are a more terrifyingly visceral strain. The band’s one full-length so far — Eroded Corridors of Unbeing — is a guttural, doom-laden, sprawling death-metal trudge. The album title is an appropriate one, as the band’s din is a slow-drip bludgeoning with an atmosphere of moody desperation. Vocalist/drummer Eli Wendler emits a gurgling belch that enhances the perfect soundtrack for a cavernous exploration gone horribly wrong.
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