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The Study Hollywood
6356 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90028
Ventura County is a good place to hide a great band, since the scene up north largely centers on cover acts instead of groups making bold, aggressive underground music. The furiously hard-rocking Ojai quartet Sisterook probably would stand out as distinctive in almost any other music scene, which makes this relatively rare visit to Hollywood a prime opportunity to catch up with one of SoCal’s most underrated bands. Led by witchy, charismatic singer-guitarist Evangeline Noelle and powered further by the booming bottom end of her bassist-husband, Yam, Sisterook lay down monstrously heavy riffs that fall somewhere between punk, psychedelia and grunge. Soaring above it all are Noelle’s searing vocals, which she belts out with a bluesy, divalike assurance amid a hailstorm of distorted guitar sparks on such convulsive opuses as “Take Your Knife Out of My Back.”
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