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Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA  90401
An argument could be made that the Santa Monica Pier is always a carnival of performance art and public spectacle. But the way the crew of downtown's Think Tank Gallery does the pier, it's a whole other and far more surreal matter. Rather than compete with the natural beauty of the ocean or the colorful ocean of humanity, Think Tank has carved "out a small-scale pop-up amphitheater at the far end of the pier," and every Tuesday and Wednesday at magic hour, "Sea-Saw" presents free performance art in a series of dreamy, interdisciplinary projects inviting you to contemplate the edge of the continent and your position relative to the expanse of the far horizon. With sculptural set-pieces, esoteric musings on the light and darkness of human existence, confessional strangers, and mythology augmented by project-mapping, "Sea-Saw" might be the most California thing to happen all summer.
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