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Annenberg Community Beach House
415 Pacific Coast Highway
Santa Monica, CA  90402
"There's nothing Hollywood-glamorous about writing a poem," trans poet Ryka Aoki writes in the forward to her 2015 collection, Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul. "It's clumsy stumbling most of the time, with generous helpings of self-importance and self-pity. But ... the poem must contain truth. If I'm being evasive, or lying, even unconsciously, the poem reacts." In just a few curt lines, Aoki evokes the murder of yet another trans person: "With another November,/the names of trans people/change color and fall/Mispronounced, sainted/ceded to anonymous candles." At this evening's Red Hen Press presentation, Aoki is part of a bill stacked with intriguing local writers including Brittany Ackerman, Bradley Bazzle, Cai Emmons and Tammy Lynne Stoner.
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