Roy Orbison: The Hologram Tour


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Yeah, this shit’s getting out of hand. These hologram tributes were all very nice when we were talking about them adding an element to a show — Tupac suddenly appearing with Snoop at Coachella was fun. The guys from X Japan paying tribute to their deceased bandmates for a song or two. But now we have Roy Orbison’s hologram going out on tour and, in fact, booking a residency at Andy Williams’ Moon River Theatre in Missouri? What the hell do we do when Orbison first appears onstage? Applaud him? The technology is incredible, there’s no doubt about that. And the instrumentation is apparently live. But isn’t there a danger that we’re redefining what a live concert experience is, at its most fundamental level? Hey, we’re sure that it will look great. It’ll certainly sound great. And if nothing else, a Roy Orbison 2018 tour shirt will be a fun novelty item. So knock yourself out.
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