2018-11-23 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. fourth Fri. of every month

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Que Sera
1923 E. Seventh St.
Long Beach, CA  90813
This time next year, on the occasion of the club’s 20th anniversary, Release the Bats founders Dave and Jenn Bats will pack away their Halloween-y decorations for good. Which only lends significance to the penultimate birthday bash for a monthly goth institution that has cast its deathly pall well beyond L.A., hosting revered genre mainstays such as 45 Grave, Mephisto Walz and Kommunity FK. For its 19-year party, RTB retains a proven format wherein a single, usually local, band enlivens without overly interrupting an array of DJs spinning alt and deathrock faves. While all too many “dark” Angeleno acts lurk in midtempo murkiness, The Wraith are of a more spirited, punky persuasion. Propelled by the tribal-esque expressions of original Blink-182 drummer Scott Raynor, the foursome’s talkative, suitably swirling guitar and bass frame the throaty proclamations of explosively hirsute frontman Davey Bales.
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