There's no panacea for L.A.'s homelessness crisis. As community outreach worker Christopher Mack told the Weekly earlier this year, "Four walls and a roof is not just a thing but the individual taking pride in his life — how do we begin that conversation?" In partnership with Mostly Kosher's Leeav Sofer, Mack has done much to literally and figuratively make noise, and a particularly mellifluous noise at that. Their Urban Voices Project is both a chorus for the homeless and allies and a safe place. Tonight the project performs at the Refuge Block Party, which celebrates the resolve of people surviving on the streets of Los Angeles. In addition to the music, there will be food vendors, "creative activities" and artist Shinique Smith's donation center that provides care packages to these vulnerable Angelenos. The event is "an extension" of Smith's multimedia show "Refuge," on display through Sept. 9 at the California African American Museum.


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