Recycled Resources for the Homeless Benefit

Location Info:

The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
There's nothing funny about being homeless. Thousands of people in Southern California struggle to survive while living on the streets or in their cars as the rest of society passes by them as if they are lepers or — even worse — invisible. The best way to avoid concern for people who are suffering is to pretend that they are subhuman or don't even exist. But the lineup of comedians — including Danielle Perez, Luis Lemus, Vince Caldera and Marc Maron — at tonight's benefit for the Highland Park nonprofit Recycled Resources for the Homeless forces you to look honestly at this mushrooming crisis with an empathy and responsibility that are sadly missing from the city's current leaders. The brilliant and incisive comedian Maria Bamford leads with her heart, using her own experiences with mental illness to turn despair on its head while finding the saving grace of commiseration and understanding.
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