Rafa Esparza's "Puente"

When the Sixth Street Bridge was demolished, for a time a line of sentinel-like concrete pillars stood as ruins, framing views of downtown made poignant by the vantage point of both the razed and the rising. From this artist Rafa Esparza drew inspiration for his new project, a Clockshop-commissioned collaboration with painter Mario Ayala, Karla Canseco, and Beatriz Cortez, whose solo project is currently on view at the Craft Contemporary. Esparza is known for both indoor and landscape-sited adobe construction projects bringing a greater awareness of history and displacement to our shared surroundings. Through Clockshop's partnership with the state park agency at the Bowtie, Esparza's Puente involves making adobe bricks on the neglected L.A. River–adjacent location, and constructing pillars that themselves frame curated vistas of the buildings and landscape. Sturdy shoes recommended.
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