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The Love Song
450 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
A more thematically pristine venue than the Love Song would be almost impossible to come by for the constitutionally smooth and dulcet song stylings of soul singer and guitarist Quinn DeVeaux. Born in Gary, Indiana, he found his true calling by way of the rough-and-tumble clubs of the Mission District in San Francisco at the dawn of the new century; he currently calls Oakland home. Tonight’s solo action — he’s regularly backed by the ladies of The Blue Beat Review — gives DeVeaux the chance to delve deeply into the undercurrent of music he’s interpreted in his entirely unique voice. Blues, soul, country, gospel — all these genres contain within them a theme of loneliness, something DeVeaux has embraced with a voice that’s strong but soft, resolute but yielding, and faithful but questioning in his long night’s journey into day.
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