Polartropica, Disco Shrine, Metronohm, Mini Bear

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Bootleg Theater
2200 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90057
As Polartropica, Ihui Cherise Wu creates such airy, gauzy pop songs that it’s easy to miss the heavy message behind her new tune “Golden Soul.” Against a backdrop of candied synthesizers and boxy electro-pop drumbeats, Wu coos with a dreamily melodic delivery, and it initially sounds like “Golden Soul” is a fizzy, escapist pop fantasy. But the song is actually about a friend who developed an opioid addiction after a doctor prescribed Oxycontin to treat a back injury. Addiction to prescription medications has become a silent killer across the United States in recent years, and the seemingly lightweight song carries a powerful punch. (Check out our recent premiere with Wu for more background about “Golden Soul.”) The Taiwanese-American vocalist concocts a state of wonder and magic in other songs, such as “Crystal Ramen” and the sweetly sung exhortation “Olympia.”
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