Petal, Camp Cope, Sidney Gish

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Bootleg Theater
2200 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90057
“They say, ‘Hey, man, you were great,’ but they don’t even have the slightest affection/That you’re really not doing OK and maybe tonight you could barely even play,” Kiley Lotz laments on “Better Than You” from Petal’s new album, Magic Gone. Whether she’s performing solo or backed by varying lineups of her band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Lotz powers her songs of frustration and longing with a punk-rock drive. On Magic Gone, she maps out the various stages of romantic attraction and rejection with insightful lyrics and a pop-minded tunefulness. Camp Cope’s Georgia McDonald sifts through the wreckage of similar romantic disappointments with a clear-eyed fearlessness as her Melbourne, Australia, group surround her with jangling chords. “You can see it, apologists, and hear it in the songs,” McDonald declares on “The Face of God,” from Camp Cope’s new How to Socialise & Make Friends.
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