Past Event
$55, $65 at door

Location Info:

2121 Lincoln Blvd, Suite B,
Venice, CA 
"This workshop uses the myth of Persephone as a vehicle to explore how women are oppressed through limiting beliefs and disempowering stories that are ingrained into the fabric of our society. The various components of the workshop aspire to question these dynamics and address the potency of cultural messaging around body image, speaking up, being our 'biggest' selves, owning our sexuality, and being unapologetic in our self-expression. In holding a supportive, safe space for each other, we can release our ‘too small’ stories and create new empowering narratives around our modern identities. Our workshop facilitators will delve into this multifaceted subject using various modalities. Facilitators: Jessica Shapiro (Certified Holistic Health Coach / Yoga Instructor), Alyssa Sweeten, Sapna Gandhi (Actor/ Producer / Singer-Songwriter), Serene Zloof aka datgirl (Writer Performer Producer at, and Guzel Gjenasaj (Reiki Master / Community Leader) Nitai Aleksiewicz (Workshop Creator & Leader)."


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