Pearl Charles, Tim Hill, Parting Lines


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Bootleg Theater
2200 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90057
Pearl Charles is a country-rock diva for a brave new era. The songs from the L.A. singer’s two full-length albums — her 2015 self-titled debut and 2018’s Sleepless Dreamer — encompass psychedelic pop, garage rock and folk as well as more straightforward country-rock leanings. Throughout it all, her melodious vocals are layered over her music with a honeyed, rueful grace. “All the Boys” is a jangling power-pop reverie, whereas “Beginner’s Luck” is a more soulful pop confessional. The title track of Sleepless Dreamer is a restless, aptly titled escape, while “Only in America” is an evocative, countrified state-of-the-union address in which Charles gently, reassuringly finds the connections between battling strangers. One of her key songs remains the timelessly compelling romantic urgency of the sparkling garage-rock anthem “You Can Change,” from her debut record.
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