Paradise Lost, Sólstafir, The Atlas Moth


Past Event

Location Info:

1720 E. 16th St.
Los Angeles, CA  90021
British goth-metal band Paradise Lost are not particularly well known on this side of the Atlantic, at least not to those who don’t soak themselves in underground metal on a daily basis. But over in Europe, these guys ride high on festival bills and play to crowds of thousands. Their accolades are deserved, too; from their 1990 debut Lost Paradise album, they’ve made it their business to not sit still, blurring genre boundaries and constantly reinventing themselves. That debut was fairly straightforward death metal, but by the time 1993’s Icon rolled around, the elements of goth were stronger and a new sound was born. ’99’s Host saw them dial down the ferocity and go for a more synth-pop, Depeche Mode–esque sound. Since then, the heaviness has returned somewhat, and last year’s Medusa was a sludgy beauty. This rare U.S. show is a must-see.


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