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The Pike Restaurant & Bar
1836 E. Fourth St.
Long Beach, CA  90802
The Pike in Long Beach is one of the most underrated places to see live music in the Greater L.A. area. The corner “stage” area (actually crowd level) is low-key and bands may have to work hard over the crowd noise and constant eating (the food there is great). That said, the people who there do tend to know their music (the joint is owned by former Social Distortion drummer Chris Reece), and the bands usually are given the chance to impress. Ned & the Dirt’s ’90s alt revival should be perfectly suited. With influences that include Nick Lowe, The Pixies and My Morning Jacket, the music is both energetic and haunting, and the L.A. band is known for gritty and honest live performances. They call it “graveyard indie rock,” and that works nicely.


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