Monday Evening Concerts


Past Event

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The Colburn School of Music, Zipper Concert Hall
200 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Minimalist composer Steve Reich sets adrift seemingly simple, repetitive melodies that expand and ripple through the water, slowly evolving into new shapes while remaining anchored to their original pulses or patterns. His epic mid-1970s rhythmic incantation Music for 18 Musicians weaves together strings, winds, voices, marimba, xylophone and piano into a mesmerizing mosaic of brightly colorful sounds that occasionally evoke hints of birdsong and rainy-weather wind chimes. Monday Evening Concerts director Jonathan Hepfer summons the forces of ECHOI Ensemble and the MEC Early Music Ensemble to contrast and align Reich’s modernist works, including the vocal collage Come Out (1966), with the polyphonic vocal chanting of 12th-century composers Léonin and Pérotin.


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