Location Info:

Santa Monica Art Studios - Arena 1 Gallery
3026 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA  90405
For anyone who has partaken of art therapy to try to express themselves better, been asked what they see in an inkblot or tried to decipher modern art, this show is your chance to turn the tables. Now in its seventh year, the annual "Mirrors of the Mind" exhibition put on by the Los Angeles County Psychological Association gives viewers the chance to scrutinize the subconscious truths of the doctors for a change. Aside from the nuances between therapists, analysts and clinical psychologists, this open-call, all-media exhibition is every bit as fraught and eclectic as any group show, with self-portraits, dreamscapes, quick sketches, high-tech renderings, collages and cartoons. The key difference is that this time, you have permission to project.


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