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A large, war-torn nation that encompasses varying cultures across the western Sahara Desert, Mali has in the past two decades become the crossroads for a dizzying array of compelling musicians, from the blind couple Amadou & Mariam to the rebel guitar army Tinariwen. The one thing that ties these disparate performers together is the haunting, hypnotic and often psychedelic style of guitar playing that’s unique to the region. Mamadou Kelly, who used to back Malian guitar hero Ali Farka Touré, is another dazzling guitarist who weaves skeins of intricately mesmerizing riffs that twist together traditional West African styles with elements of blues, funk and Afropop. On Kelly’s latest album, Politiki, the guitarist uncoils elaborate melodies on “Banyereye” and “Mahinime” and casts a spell with his vocals and layered chanting on such French-language idylls as “La vie ce n’est que deux jours” and “Pour les eleveurs.”
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