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Pop Obscure Records
735 S. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA  90014
“Headed for a breakdown/What’s your plan, mystery teacher?” Lucy Arnell wonders in the restrained intro to “Do It Again,” from her second album, Anyways Any. The local singer answers her own question with a surge of fuzzy chords and grungy dynamics that lift the song from an introspective intimacy into an anthemic resonance. There are hints of singer-songwriter gentleness here and there, as well as on the New York native’s 2015 debut recording, The Whole Sky Turned Red With the Rainbow, but Arnell generally prefers to rock out loudly rather than wallow in delicacy or self-pity. “Steal my shadow,” she urges enigmatically amid the driving guitars of “SMS,” alternating between softer, confessional asides in which she names the chords she’s playing and more psychedelic, thundering passages.
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