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Cal State LA
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90032
Painter Mark Steven Greenfield's "Love and Loathing" is on view for only two weeks, but it covers a lot of territory. With examples of both recent and new work, the presentation offers highlights of Greenfield's perennial project, unpacking the exponential complexities of African-American life and history through images of community, commerce, pop culture and how aspects of contemporary culture are rooted in global mythologies. In three particularly impactful new works, the artist muses on the iconography of the Black Madonna. "There are over 300 of them in the world," Greenfield explains, often made as intentional appeals to indigenous populations that colonial powers sought to convert, and some associated with folk legends and miracles. Greenfield's updated considerations add art historical conventions to the library of source material from which he so insightfully draws.


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