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8678 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Painter Louis Carreon combines a kind of post-urban, punk-infused outsider/folk aesthetic with a fraught use of mixed-media materials to create energetic scenes and portraits of modern life. In his new show, "Church + State," Carreon focuses his attention on the situation with one major, monolithic aspect of that life: Google. More specifically, the near total control we have given Google over established institutional authorities and experts, from priests and lawyers to professors and doctors, not to mention the mass outsourcing of our own memories and experiences. We trust Google as we used to trust God, our elders and ourselves. On the other hand, the almost universal access to information represented by Google is on balance considered real human progress. With this body of work, the artist seems to be saying that the least we can do is acknowledge that the cure contains elements of the disease.


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