Le Butcherettes, Niña Dioz, Le Ra, Stars at Night


Past Event

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The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
When singer Teri Gender Bender formed the bloody Mexican punk/performance-art spectacle Le Butcherettes in Guadalajara in 2007, she was accompanied only by a single percussionist, Auryn Jolene. When Jolene left the band two years later, Gender Bender relocated Le Butcherettes to L.A. and has performed under the name with different members; she’s backed by a full band these days. Throughout it all, Gender Bender has remained a provocative performer onstage, and the group’s recent releases, such as Spider/WAVES, demonstrate Le Butcherettes’ increasing stylistic range, which encompasses punk aggression, hard-rock power and prog-rock artiness. The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has long championed their music as a producer and occasional guest star. On Le Butcherettes’ 2018 EP, Struggle/STRUGGLE, tracks vary from spacy interludes and acoustic guitar–driven intimacy to funky, percussive strangeness.


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