L.A. Tofurky Trot Fun Run & Vegan Food Fest

For some people, their Thanksgivings are inextricably wrapped up in pilgrimages and suffering and meat. For others, their Thanksgivings center around discovering new lands without the burdens of exploitation and wishbones. Today's L.A. Tofurky Trot Fun Run & Vegan Food Fest brings together like-minded progressives courtesy of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition in this afternoon cornucopia of vegan food vendors (Compton Vegan, Avocado Mama, Nelly's Organics); speakers such as Jasmin Singer of VegNews, Chef Babette of Stuff I Eat and Megan Sadd from Carrots & Flowers; and the 5K Trot that's a holiday miracle for both family and cute dogs alike.


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