L A Y E R S solo exhibition by Liza Philosof

"I see my paintings as a visual extension of my emotional journey in life. A reflection of the struggles and challenges we all have. Climbing a mountain or crossing an ocean are just metaphors of deep tectonic movement happening in our souls. Nature has endless layers, as we have. In paintings, I try to embrace observing nature with an interpretation of what our inner world looks like. I feel that one of my secret missions is to continue to see life in color."

L A Y E R S is the first solo exhibition of Liza Philosof in L.A. L A Y E R S contains paintings made by Philosof between the years 2015-2018, and a video made last year on art residence that took place at Pico Island (Atlantic ocean). One of the major inspiration sources was the visit to Pico Island and being surrounded by 3 elements: water, basalt stone, and plants. Some of the paintings were drawn with markers on canvas and most of the paintings were drawn with acrylics during this summer (2018)

Liza Philosof is a visual artist, art director, and graphic designer based in West Hollywood and originally from Israel. Philosof is working with designers and artists, she continues to participate in exhibitions, festivals, projects, and partnerships all over the world. Brand collaborations included: Adidas originals, Absolut, Heineken, Insight, Azores Fringe Festival, and Cannes Film Festival. Philosof graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 2011, where her color and shape depths experiment began. For more info: lizaphilosof.com | liza.philosof@gmail.com | Eventbrite | Facebook | Instagram

Supported by Angela Anthony Helms Bakery District | Fred Makapugay Amphorium | Ashley Frey California Love Water Special thanks to Alyssa Mannis Littlebite gallery Adam Carneol the burgundy


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