Konk Pack, Gordon Grdina, Eyvind Kang, Chris Speed, Patrick Shiroishi


Past Event

Location Info:

2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90039
As they enter their 21st year of existence as a group that is the apex of freedom and the zenith of improvisation, Konk Pack (titanic Tim Hodgkinson on lapsteel guitar, electronics and clarinet; luscious Thomas Lehn playing the analog synth; and reliable Roger Turner on drums and percussion) descend from on-high to blow your minds sky-high tonight. But don’t let that rapturous sticky praise throw you. Their performances are surprisingly intimate affairs, three stars locked in orbit during their brief time onstage as what they summon up borders on the otherworldly. Also: Gordon Grdina, who today graduates from existing as an individual adult human being to become a band himself with revolutionary, evolutionary help from drummer Matt Chamberlain, Grdina on oud, Moog-er and bassist Shahzad Ismaily, violist Eyvind Kang, saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi, and Chris Speed on tenor sax and clarinet.


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