Katherine Bernhardt: Fruit Salad

Katherine Bernhardt: Fruit Salad

Courtesy of Venus Over Manhattan Fruit Salad, a mural by artist Katherine Bernhardt


2026-01-09 04:00:00
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Location Info:

Venus Over Los Angeles
601 S. Anderson St.
Los Angeles, CA  90023
The exterior of Venus Over Los Angeles, the new West Coast satellite of Venus Over Manhattan gallery, was painted all Pepto-Bismol pink before last week. Now the side of the building is a sunny mural by New York artist Katherine Bernhardt called Fruit Salad — toucans, fat bananas and flattened cigarettes float across the wall. There’s also an out-of-place interlude in which hammerhead sharks swim around inside a blue rectangle. Especially given the formal-looking grayness of the gallery’s New York headquarters, the mural feels like a comic embodiment of an East Coast stereotype: L.A. as la-la land.


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