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The Teragram Ballroom
1234 W. Seventh St.
Los Angeles, CA  90017
Juana Molina walks in shadows and stirs up quiet, softly lapping pools of sound. But she isn’t a typical folk singer. Instead, the Argentine vocalist infuses the tracks from her latest album, Halo, with arty embellishments, and she uses gentle tones to create moods that are more often strange and unsettling instead of soothing. “Cosoco” is a breezy pop interlude, but “Lentísimo halo” is a darker and more foreboding soundscape of hushed vocals and restrained electronics. The former comedian and television personality breaks up the quietude with such rhythmic asides as “A00 B01” and “Andó,” but Molina prefers to surround herself with such mysteriously somber songs as “Cálculos y oráculos” and the laid-back and dreamy “Los pies helados.”
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