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300 S Mission Rd
Los Angeles, CA  90033
Actor and secretly deadly serious court jester to the world, Jim Carrey also has taken up a practice in visual art in recent years. His giant and well-stocked painting studio is the envy of oil-and-canvas lovers everywhere, but it's been his work as a political cartoonist that has truly caught fire and revealed the best part of his newfound skills to a global audience of adoring Instagram fans. Carrey brings the same full-on intensity, fearless dark comedy, gift for mimicry and knack for emphatic satire from his performances to his pen and paper, creating haunting, hilarious, supremely funny and utterly unsettling editorial pictures. The many works on display in "IndigNation" at tony Eastside gallery Maccarone have been made in the last two years, and are timed to be on view through the upcoming midterm elections (Nov. 6! Register!). Spoiler alert: Carrey isn't exactly 45's biggest fan.


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