Jesika von Rabbit, Spindrift, Bella Novela, Rats in the Louvre, Slice


Past Event

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Alex's Bar
2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA  90804
Former Gram Rabbit frontwoman Jesika Von Rabbit is one of music’s great one-offs. She’s simultaneously pop and art, accessible and avant-garde. Her new album is called Dessert Rock, and that’s just fucking perfect because it manages to bring to mind dusty, grimy rock & roll (Joshua Tree is her home) and the sugary goodness of dessert. And Von Rabbit’s music is all of that and more. She’s a mass of contradictions in the most glorious way and her influences, which touch on ’80s MTV pop and ’70s tie-dye psychedelia with dabs of Gaga and Nico, prove that very thing. Her new album is wonderful but she really excels in the live environment. That’s where she can allow the visuals to blend seamlessly with the sound. Above all, Von Rabbit is a true artist. Catch her at Alex’s, one of her regular haunts, with Spindrift.


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