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McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA  90405
Sometimes the most interesting sounds emerge from total silence. Heather Maloney was raised with a background in opera and jazz, but the New Jersey folksinger didn’t begin writing her own songs until she spent three years practicing extended vows of silence at a meditation center in Massachusetts. Out of all that quiet nothingness, Maloney began finding her own voice, which led to the ballads on her 2013 self-titled debut album and 2015’s Making Me Break. “I woke up this morning in a room that I know/My brother’s old room used to be mine,” Maloney muses on “Let Me Stay,” a poignant snapshot of her childhood home on new EP Just Enough Sun. “I wrote down this song as a bargaining chip to capture a moment through merciless time.”
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