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The Monkees were ostensibly just a made-for-TV imitation of The Beatles, albeit an unexpectedly brilliant, prolific and legitimate band in their own right. But The Monkees outclassed their inspirations in at least one crucial way. While the Fab Four's films were either enjoyable if lightweight comedic larks (A Hard Day's Night, Help) or self-indulgent psychedelic muddles (Magical Mystery Tour), The Monkees' lone feature-length film — 1968's Head, co-written by Jack Nicholson and director Bob Rafelson — was a surreal, subversive opus that destroyed their career by juxtaposing shocking footage of the Vietnam War with nonlinear vignettes that satirized their own fame. Singers Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith appear for a discussion following a 50th-anniversary screening of the bizarre film.


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