Har Mar Superstar & Sabrina Ellis


Past Event

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The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013-1320
In many ways, it’s frankly astonishing that Har Mar Superstar has lasted this long. The gimmick of a young Ron Jeremy dancing to disco in his underpants — that would appear to have a very short shelf life. But Har Mar deceived us all, because the underlying secret, the trick, is that his music is actually really good. The temptation is to see him as some sort of indie-R&B “Weird Al” Yancovic — a parody. But albums such as 2000’s self-titled debut, 2002’s You Can Feel Me and even 2016’s Best Summer Ever are jam-packed with danceable contemporary disco anthems. Yeah, songs like “Power Lunch” and “Rhythm Bruises” are hardly intellectually brilliant. But the music is easy to like and, in the live arena, very easy to get carried away with. That said, this show sees the man performing the music of Dirty Dancing with Sabrina Ellis. This is going to be hilarious.
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