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The Belasco Theater
1050 S. Hill St.
Los Angeles, CA  90015-1614
It looked like alien horror-rockers GWAR’s time was up in 2014 when Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie shuffled off this mortal coil, but Michael “Blothar” Bishop took on the mantle and the band have seamlessly, though respectfully, carried on. Brockie was clearly a huge talent and, despite the fact that most people have no idea what he really looked like thanks to the masses of prosthetics that he would sport, he’s massively missed. That said, GWAR have always been more about the theater than any individuals, and that’s why they have been able to soldier on. Their crowd just wants loud metal and masses of fake blood. Last year’s The Blood of Gods album, the first without Brockie, and the surrounding gigs proved that the current lineup are capable of all that and more.
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