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Highland Park Ebell Club
131 S. Avenue 57
Highland Park, CA  90042
Formerly known as Raw Geronimo, the local punk-pop band Feels are unusual in that they feature two distinctly different and compelling lead singers. Laena Geronimo belies Feels’ punk roots with sumptuous pop melodies, and she occasionally performs intriguing sets outside of the band context. Shannon Lay appears more often as a solo singer-guitarist and has already released three albums, Holy Heartache (2015), All This Life Goin’ Down (2017) and Living Water (2017). Such tracks as “The Moon’s Detriment” and “Ursula Kemp” are austere, quietly lulling passages knitted with spidery webs of guitar and layered with the soft hush of Lay’s bewitching vocals. Lay contrasts the intricate guitar plucking of “Coast” with a soothing glow of harmonies and lyrics about death and mystery that suddenly give way to a rush of loud chords.
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