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Giuda are a five-piece band from Italy, but they sing in English with a sound that mimics 1970s-era hard rockers. Such tracks as “Roll the Balls” attempt to approximate the swaggering boogie of Thin Lizzy with maybe a dose of Grand Funk Railroad punchiness. Their lyrics are dumb as hell, without the saving grace of a self-mocking Spinal Tap/Turbonegro wittiness, but Giuda rock onward guilelessly anyway. “Rock ’n’ Roll Music” is the latest in a long line of songs about rock & roll, but the quintet’s hard-charging rhythms say more about their carefree, party-time attitude than their clumsy, clichéd lyrics ever will. That said, Giuda still crank up a pretty good time on older songs like “Number 10,” which mimics T. Rex with a glam-rock forcefulness.
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