Ghoul, Skullcrack, War Bison


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1720 E. 16th St.
Los Angeles, CA  90021
The four creatures that together are known as Ghoul are quite proud of the air of mystery that surrounds them. More so than with similarly theatrical metal bands such as GWAR, Slipknot and Lordi, the identities of the four musicians are kinda kept under wraps. They wear horror-themed masks, and go by the monikers Cremator, Digestor, Dissector and the intriguing Fermentor. As is usually the case with these things, though, a little bit of digging reveals the truth: The Oakland death-thrash metal band is made up of members (or former members) of Morbid Angel, Wolves in the Throne Room, Exhumed, Impaled and more. But let’s be honest — the idea that they’re four monsters from Creepsylvania is far more fun.
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