Geneva Jacuzzi, Les Sewing Sisters, John Tottenham, DJ Nina Tarr


Past Event

Location Info:

2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90039
Tonight’s curious assemblage of performers is billed as the “No. 1 Sparks Party in L.A.,” after “The Number One Song in Heaven,” Sparks’ dreamily euphoric 1979 electro-pop hit produced by Giorgio Moroder. Setting the scene for the Mael brothers’ hometown performances later this week at the Palace Theatre, the Zebulon party features Geneva Jacuzzi, Sparks-spinning DJ Nina Tarr and local poet John Tottenham’s “live original readings dedicated to Sparks.” There will be a Sparks Pop-Up Museum with the Maels’ stage clothes and other artifacts, but the most fascinating carny attraction of all will be Les Sewing Sisters, a fashion-minded duo of musical artist-pranksters, Lun*na Menoh and Saori Mitome, who opened for Sparks at El Rey Theatre last year. Standing behind (and sometimes crawling under) a table of percussive sewing machines, the pair craft together weirdly compelling hypnotic beats, electronic sound effects and playful, provocative vocals.


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