Fiona Grey, Uruguay, MXMS, DJ Grant Owens

Fiona Grey, Uruguay, MXMS, DJ Grant Owens

Anna Maria Lopez Fiona Grey


2019-01-22 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. January 22
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Location Info:

Madame Siam
1723 N. Hudson Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90028
Whether she’s backed by just an acoustic guitarist or pulling out all the showy stops in a full-band performance augmented by her crew of sexy dancers, Fiona Grey radiates star power and endless charisma. Decked out onstage in a long, sheer wedding veil, white boots and matching thigh-high stockings, the local singer revels in and embraces the idea of fame with such wearily cynical but inevitably seductive dance-pop songs as “Money” and “Media Queen,” from her 2018 album, Cult Classic. “If I had a god, it would be you, honey/Lay me on your bed, fuck me on your money,” she pleads soulfully on “Fangirl.” “I’m all dressed up, queen with no crown/I try to be tough/It’s safer here on the ground,” she laments on the more introspective ballad “Girls Like Me.” Catch her now in small clubs while she’s still a cult heroine.
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