Families Belong Together March

It wasn't so long ago that the mainstream faction of the Republican Party touted itself as the protector of family values. The current administration seems to have abandoned those principles in its mania to demonize immigrants seeking a better life in this country. Not only are the Trump administration's heavy-handed attempts to punish asylum seekers coming off as callously insensitive, cruel and unusual, but its scattershot methods for separating immigrant children from their parents — as well as its belated, court-ordered attempts to reunite those families — have proved to be recklessly disorganized and incompetently managed. The title and purpose of the second Families Belong Together March Los Angeles seems to be a no-brainer, but then again we are living in a time when even the most fundamental moral values and shared sense of human decency have been upended in a frenzy of irrational xenophobia.
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