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The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013-1320
Death metal is a spiritual experience. Four death-metal bands on one bill — with all the regional inflections that implies — is like a day full of Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis and Carolina barbecue, and anyone who eats like that knows how close to blissful nonexistence that can take you. Dying Fetus hurtle onward as a prime mover of the Metal That Is Death with their Relapse release Wrong One to Fuck With, while newish Arizona death-metal merchants Gatecreeper ride high on their recent Relapse record Sonoran Depravation. D.C. metal outfit Genocide Pact make a deal to rock you to death but keep pulling you back from that damned light, and Incantation celebrate the finer aspects of flaying and flagellations on their album Profane Nexus — because, just like fried chicken, everyone knows the skin is the best part.
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