Druid Underground Film Festival


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3110 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA  90031
"No one knows who they were or what they were doing, but their legacy remains," the great hard-rock philosophers Spinal Tap once mused about the druids in their daft musical homage "Stonehenge." The druids' legacy resurfaces in another form this evening at the 12th annual Druid Underground Film Festival, with a two-hour program of short films and found footage. While the works in this year's edition will shed little light on the actual culture of the druids, they do represent a fascinating collision of provocative short films on numerous subjects presented by series founder Billy Burgess. The program includes short films by Yuval Haker (I Am Sex), Negro Terror (subverting “a white-supremacist anthem … in their hometown of Memphis”), Brendan Maclean (House of Air, a look at sex in 1970s San Francisco), Lobster Repair (a belching of the national anthem), Chrissy Fellmeth (New Baby), and Jim Tuite (Rockabilly: Whole World Gone Canceled), among others.
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