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You might expect from their name that Potty Mouth are just another punk band. The local trio’s original songs surge forward with a punk-rock intensity, but they are also blended at times with grungy power that mixes hazy, fuzzy intensity with poppy hooks and occasional moments of soulful contemplation. “You want a smash hit/Do you know what’s in fashion?” singer-guitarist Abby Weems wails sarcastically on “Smash Hit,” whose euphoric chorus invokes “modern dazzle” in propelling a catchy anthem that comments on commercial popularity while quietly underscoring the group’s own potential. Potty Mouth’s songs range from coolly serene headbangers such as “Cherry Picking” and the fuzz-shrouded “Creeper Weed” to more introspective tracks like “The Bomb,” which shifts from a relatively restrained opening into a thunderous momentum as Weems declares, “I dropped a bomb, and the bomb was me.”


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