Did Women Ever Rule the World?


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The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90049
Despite their politics and reputation, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey are some of the richest and most powerful women in the world right now. But exactly how influential are they compared with female leaders of the past? Hosted by Zócalo Public Square, Did Women Ever Rule the World? looks at notable women from history and how their achievements are relevant today. Among these women are the Hapsburg Empire's Maria Theresa, Britain's Queen Victoria, West African warrior Queen Aminatu, China's Empress Wu, Egypt's Hatshepsut and one of the most famous female rulers in history, Cleopatra. British TV historian Bettany Hughes moderates this discussion, which includes Kara Cooney, author of The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt, and Joyce Tyldesley, author of Cleopatra: The Last Queen of Egypt.


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