Diagon Alley Style Magical Craft Faire


Past Event

Location Info:

Geeky Teas & Games
2120 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA  91506
You don't need a Sorting Hat to tell you where to go at the Diagon Alley Style Magical Craft Faire. Brimming with all manner of magic, sorcery and arcane goods, it's your chance to pick up magical candles, sorcerial goblets and other unique and one-of-a-kind items from local artisans and vendors for the witch and/or wizard in your life. There are raffles held every half-hour, a cosplay contest and several chances to pet some soft friendly cats swanning about the place on a regular basis (the GeeKitties aspect of Geeky Teas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) no-kill cat rescue as well).


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