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Art Major Los Angeles
636 S. Mariposa Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 
Hanging out at Art Major is a little bit like having a cool bar right in your living room — if your living room also has a killer library, an epic collection of board and parlor games, and a rotating selection of lively art by your most talented friends. Speaking of which, beginning this week Art Major hosts a wide-ranging installation of new paintings by artist Devin Liston, known for previous street-inflected collaborations with Cyrcle and Gosha Levochkin but a gifted solo voice in his own right. His muscular style combines expressive abstraction with precisely rendered figurative and pop culture elements in an engaging palette with texture and emotion. Extended family since their Hold Up Gallery days, the Art Major folks will hang dozens of Liston's works, giving bar-goers the chance to contemplate a range of his creativity along with IPA game night.


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