Def Sound, Cassandra Violet, MetronOhm


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The Echo
1822 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
You can call Deffery Emmanuel, aka Def Sound, a rapper, but his music defies typical genre boundaries. Such songs as “Propane” are pumped up with lively beats as Def Sound croons over his inventive sound collages with an R&B coolness mixed with nimble-minded rap patter. But there is also a purposeful experimentation and artiness in stranger soundscapes like “Black Mirror,” in which Emmanuel applies his perspective as a poet and DJ over stark metallic percussion and trippy sound effects to muse about both Angela Davis and Seth Curry while pointing out that “Jesus wasn’t Christian.” Echo Park chanteuse Cassandra Violet counters with such eerily haunting pop-folk opuses as “Beyond the Fray” and “Lady,” in which she confides her enigmatic lyrics with a somberly chilling beauty before switching gears with the bubbly romanticism of the breezy pop gem “Take My Time.” Plus, the soothing pop dreaminess of MetronOhm.
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