Day of Ancestors: Festival of Masks

Location Info:

Leimert Park Plaza
3333 43rd Place
Los Angeles, CA  90008
Leimert Park is one of the most vibrant, richly textured and historically artistic parts of L.A., and its recent high-profile resurgence as an appreciated gem of local culture is a joy to experience. Once a year, the exuberant creativity of this community comes together for a daylong festival of mask-making, music, dance, food, art and, above all, history, as a block party and procession honor the community's firmament of ancestors across the "global village" of the African diaspora. For the eighth Day of Ancestors: Festival of Masks, the organizers at L.A. Commons spotlight Brazil and its thriving ethnic and artistic heritage in the Leimert Park community. This year's theme is "Asuwada," a Yoruba principle describing the energy created when a community unites with a positive intention in pursuit of a common goal for the greater good. We all could use some of that. Expect a truly immersive and evocative interdisciplinary experience.


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