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8070 Beverly Blvd.
8070 Beverly Blvd.
Beverly Grove, CA 
"Things That Can't Be Seen" might sound like a funny name for a visual art show, but in the strange and lovely universe of DABS­MYLA, it makes perfect sense. Known for the savvy whimsy of their crisp, colorful, saturated style, the couple's collaborative work has expanded the fields of pattern, scale, abstraction, character, fantasy and story. From murals to design objects, paintings, prints, sculpture and, increasingly, installation art, DABSMYLA's art is about shared flights of imagination and emotion. After the pair's star turn with a show-stealing flower-based installation at "Beyond the Streets" this summer, BTS curator Roger Gastman now presents this must-see solo project, featuring some 20 new large-scale paintings as well as drawings and ceramics, inside an environmental installation with a great deal to see but, true to the title, even more to experience and feel.


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