Comedians Cinema Club: Jaws


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Black Rabbit Rose
1719 N. Hudson Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90028
What's better than watching fireworks on Independence Day? Watching Jaws, the very first summer blockbuster, about a killer shark that terrorizes a New England resort town over the Fourth of July holiday. Even better is watching mostly drunk comedians try to reinterpret the psychological subtext of the film onstage at the Comedians Cinema Club: Jaws. Originated in London, and later a monthly show at Nerdmelt, founder Eric Lampaert's ongoing live comedy series features comics not-so-accurately re-creating classic and cult movies. Past titles have included Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Princess Bride, The Big Lebowski and Labyrinth, with participation from the audience, who also are encouraged to drink. Using a live pianist, props and costumes, tonight's lineup — Lampaert, Bryan Vokey, Caitlin Gill, Jeffrey Baldinger and others — takes on all of Jaws' major characters, from the doomed beachgoers and three main male characters to the great white himself. It's safe to go back into the water, especially if you're inebriated.
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